Dustin Keltner

Dear Community Members of the Philipsburg School District Community,

I am very excited about the continued success and growth this school year and the potential for excellence at Philipsburg Elementary.  I am absolutely thrilled to be your Principal and continue to look forward with great anticipation to learning and working alongside all of you as we set and pursue the goals that will propel us from good to OUTSTANDING!  

My desires for our district will be centered on the following principles:


  • Prospector Pride:  Our mission is to provide a rewarding and positive learning environment for our students through staff and students teamwork!  We want our teachers and students to come to school every day PROUD of our school, community, and their own achievements.


We are blessed to live in the great community of Philipsburg. My family and I love this place and the last five years in “The Burg” have been filled with great memories and great people.  It is your support of our school that will help lift us to greatness!  

Thanks for your continued support. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give me a call or stop by and visit.


Dustin J. Keltner

Elementary Principal/Athletic Director


Contact Us

Tel: (406) 859-3232

Email: info@pburg.k12.mt.us

407 Schnepel Street

Philipsburg, MT 59858

Board of Trustees

Sara Rouse, Chairperson, srouse1981@gmail.com, 859-6314

Genevieve Kulaski, Vice-Chair

genevieve.kulaski@gmail.com, 859-4276

Brenda Martin

Brenda0912@gmail.com, (702) 499-4926


Ron Locke

rlocke632@gmail.com, 560-3740


Ciche Pitcher

Ciche@skidiscovery.com, 544-4618