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Tom Gates

My name is Tom Gates.  I have been a resident of Philipsburg for the past eight going on nine years.  My wife, Stephanie and I have built our dream home here in Philipsburg on her family ranch and we have one son, Warren Gates, who will attend Philipsburg School in a few short years.  Our family loves to spend out time helping out on the family ranch and we love the Montana lifestyle from hunting and fishing to skiing and snowmobiling and everything in-between.  

I'm coming to Philipsburg with fifteen years of experience in education all from just over the hill at Anaconda, MT.  During my time in Anaconda I had the opportunity to teach in classrooms ranging from kindergarten through eighth grade.   I was also a Dean of Students for grades sixth through eighth for seven years.  During my last three years I served as a Dean of Students I also held the title as the middle school A.D. for grades sixth through eighth.   This will be my first year as a high school administrator and I am thrilled to begin this adventure!

I earned my B.A. in Elementary Education from The University of Montana-Western,  at Dillon, MT in 2007.  My first M.A. is in Technology in Education from Lesley University, via Butte, MT cohort, in 2011.  My second M.A. is K-12 Leadership in Education from Rocky Mountain College, Billings, MT in 2012.

My mission at Philipsburg Schools is to build a safe, creative and challenging learning environment for all, based on proven academic and behavioral curricula; balanced with effective classroom management and comfortable daily school rituals and routines, all while modeling a positive, can-do attitude!

Contact Information:

406.859.3232 ext. 222 

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