Connie Schiedermayer

My name is Connie Schiedermayer and I am the 1st grade teacher. I have been teaching in Philipsburg for 12 years. Before moving back to Philipsburg my husband and I were teachers in a small Eskimo village in AK;  quite an experience, a valuable one at that. I have also had experience in a Christian school, public schools, and I have taught at a Hutterite Colony School called North Harlem. This is my 30th year in education.

I am very happy to be in Philipsburg.  It is a wonderful place to live with  the beautiful scenery, outdoor activities, and the community.  Teaching here is like a dream come true. My husband and I have 2 grown children, both officers in the military.

Education is the most significant way to give children a hope and a future. I do all I can to teach the students so they can have successful lives and be good citizens. It is a very important job and I am happy  to do it.